6 lessons after publishing my first app to App Store & Google Play

  • The pool of potential cost savings lies predominantly in the pre-development phase
  • The cost of bad decisions might even double or triple the development cost

1. Don’t start the development before prototyping

The increased cost of development without prototyping

How to create a clickable prototype

What was missing in my case?

2. Focus on the product

The relation between time spent on estimating revenue and accuracy. The % of accuracy is based on sight.

Lessons learned:

  • estimation is only an estimation, the end-numbers will be different
  • spending more time on forecasting at some point is no longer effective
  • the big picture & your accounting skills matters

3. Choose the right technology stack

4. Test the product during the development phase

Testing the app during the development phase

5. Expect the delay

  • Technical advisor
  • Technical co-founder

6. Wait with scaling, focus on early adopters

Bonus: start planning your launch strategy in advance

Your feedback matters to me



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Paweł Łubiarz

Paweł Łubiarz


Product Manager at Piwik PRO | MyLuggage Founder | Helping startups to kick-off their products