Why we are so obsessed with posting pictures on Instagram while traveling

Why are we so eager to share travel photos? The Internet has changed not only the way we plan trips but also how we remember and evaluate our journeys.

Paweł Łubiarz
3 min readJan 5, 2018


When you share your traveling experience on Instagram or Facebook, friends can follow your footsteps without leaving home. Foto relations have different characters: from presenting the most spectacular places to succulent elements from private life. What’s interesting about scrolling the feed, is that it affects our travel preferences.

It turns out that our decisions on whether to go to a given place often rely on such foto relations. Before we decide to go to a given location, we often dream and imagine how it will be in place. Lush relations of friends can play a significant role here! Negative reviews, and good events and great views can easily affect the change of our holiday plans. Moreover, sharing travel experience affects also the author himself?

Posting photos improves our well-being

Sharing positive travel experiences increases the positive feelings of travelers. This also applies to images that we throw into the network. It turns out that after publishing them, we will evaluate our trip better than if we kept photographs for ourselves.

After posting a photo of our hotel room we will evaluate it higher

It’s not only about positive feelings but also about negative ones. Sharing bad experiences through social media helps to reduce the negative perception of our trip, which also raises overall assessment. If we are disgust with the hotel and we share it with other people, we will be happier with the trip than without such a publication.

Posting pictures gives us very different associations. From a professional photographer on safari or over the Norwegian Fjord to a person addicted to a smartphone. The mechanism described above is not related to the frequency and quantity of photographs. Sharing our experiences in social media in each of these cases improves the overall assessment of the entire trip.

The Internet makes decisions for us



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